Become a member of largest Network of Marriage bureaus and find the perfect match for your customer and increase your business multiple times

Who we are?

We are here to build a large network of marriage bureaus which provide matrimony matching service. We seek to bind marriage bureaus scattered all over India in a single network so that they can access profiles available with any of the marriage bureau member of our network and use them in matchmaking process for their customers.

Who can be our member?
  • Our services are for the persons who believe in group work and group strength and group work advantages.
  • Our members may be existing marriage bureaus and also new aspirants who wish to run marriage bureaus.
  • You need only are a computer system and an internet connection in your office and knowledge of operating it.
How can you register as our member?

Simple, please visit our website and click on the “Enquire Now” and fill some simple details. We will contact you and provide you the detail of our way of working and terms and conditions.

Benefits of our Membership:
  1. Working as a member of a wide and large network.
  2. Access to all profiles available with any member bureau.
  3. Bureaus with limited profiles can also match their profiles with profiles available with any other bureau.
  4. An opportunity to grow your prosperity by improving your success and income hand to hand.
  5. Working in a network gives you more customers.
  6. Independency in you style of working and dealing with your customer.
  7. High matching ratio boosts confidence in your customers.
  8. Easy search based on different criteria and also based on preference of your customer on a click of a mouse.
  9. Access/manage your customers’ profiles anywhere in the world using advanced software tools.
  10. Monetary benefits may be understood from below chart: *
If you are working without network:

Total Customers you register100
Max Success Ratio10%
Regn. Fees per memberRs. 1000
Success Fees per Member Rs. 10000
Profit you getRs. 200000
If you are working with membership of our network:

Total Customers you register100
Max Success Ratio80%
Regn. Fees per memberRs. 1000
Success Fees per MemberRs. 10000
Profit you getRs. 900000
Less: Network membership fees Rs. 1000 per profileRs. 100000
Profit you getRs. 800000

* Actual amount may differ based on actual fee structure of every bureau/center.

In addition, you will be more benefited due to large number of customers you get due to improved confidence in people towards marriage bureaus.

Being a member of our network, your business will grow manifold.

Matrimonial service is a socio-economic business and help people to find their perfect life partner. We seek to be a partner in your growth. People, those who are running marriage bureau business and want to be a part of large network, can be an associate with us. We are offering membership all over India. In India matrimony business has very much scope to grow. Main aim of the IMBCIRCLE is to give a new direction to the marriage bureau business and spread it to village level by boosting peoples’ confidence towards marriage bureaus.